I Have a Dream Club

When the phrase, “I Have a Dream,” is said, most people think of the speech given by civil rights activist Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. that he gave during the march on Washington on August 28, 1963.

Many Americans, especially people who have been discriminated based on the color of their skin. Although Generation Z has been the generation of doers, who are passionate about ending any discrimination towards any group or person, people still face those struggles; even teenagers in school.

Two teenagers at Woodbridge High School who go by the names of  Keasia Jenkins and Jada Williams have started the “I have a Dream” CLub where students in the Barron Family can expressive issues in their life dealing with their ethnicity.

“This club is made to help people of color to find their voices and realize that they have a spot in this world.” Is one of the first objectives listed on their agenda.

The first meeting took place right after school on April 11th in one of the clubs Advisors, Mrs.Oputas, room. I went to see what this Club was about.

I was one of the first people there and a couple of minutes after the closing bell, the room began to fill up and there were about 25 students who came.

There was a cool and collected atmosphere with Jada and Keasia greeting everyone and laying snacks out for those who wanted and after a couple of minutes of people get to know each other, the meeting officially started with Keasia explaining the club rules; some being: having an open mind, no hate speech, respect, and no discrimination.

They then followed with explaining their hopes for the future and goals as well as what a typical club meeting would look like.

During the meeting, I took the time to ask what some of their main goals were for the club.

“One of our main goals is to go on trips to HBCU’S, such as Howard and go to the African American Museum as well as other historical museums,” Jada responded.

Club meetings are looking to be held in room 108 every other Thursday. For any questions or concerns please contact The Barron Perspective or either of the Advisors, Ms.Gamble or Ms.Oputa.