Name Change For Woodbridge High School


New Woodbridge Middle School sign in the main lobby. Woodbridge High School finally renamed to a more suitable name.

Kanwal Chohan, Editor

Woodbridge High School is to be renamed Woodbridge Middle School to remember the legacy of the 8th graders that remained at Woodbridge High School for the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year. 

The new Woodbridge Middle School has been up since yesterday, confirmed over the announcements.  Administrators of “Woodbridge Middle School” believe this is a good initiative for the school, and the time the middle school students spent here should be “celebrated.” Teachers and students of now “Woodbridge Middle School” have been in shock since the announcement. 

Anaya Dixen is a sophomore at “Woodbridge Middle School,” she is devastated and has begun a petition, with the motive of getting back the old name of the school. “I’m truly disappointed in WHS for changing the name of this school, I will protest this until it is removed” said Dixen. Dixen has scheduled a protest next week during school. 

The Woodbridge Middle School choir is struggling to change the old Woodbridge High School Alma Mater. Daniel Miller is a senior at “Woodbridge Middle School” since his freshman year. Miller said, “Honestly this doesn’t affect me at all, I don’t have to go to this roach infested building in a couple months anyway. I refuse to partake in the remaking of the Alma Mater.” Although it is April, Miller seems to be suffering from the unknown disease, “senioritis.” 

Mr O’Halloran is fuming, he has been in a science classroom for the first semester instead of his usual classroom that was overtaken by middle school students. “My room had just been painted over the summer last year, now it’s in the same condition it was before it was painted, and we want to name our school after them?” said O’ Halloran. 

There are numerous rumors circulating the school of the middle schoolers returning to now “Woodbridge Middle School.” They are said to take over even more classrooms.