Woodbridge Welcomes Ms. DePinto


Ms.Depinto is a new Algebra I and Algebra II teacher. She attended Montclair State University

Meaghan Motz, Editor

This is Ms. DePinto’s first year being a math teacher at Woodbridge High School. She attended Montclair State University and studied secondary education mathematics.


The Barron Perspective: What is your name?

Ms. DePinto: Victoria DePinto


BP: What classes do you teach? 

MD: Algebra 2 and Algebra 1


BP: What were you doing prior to teaching?

MD: Before teaching, I have had multiple coaching jobs for cheerleading, gymnastics, and tumbling.


BP: What made you want to get involved in education?

MD: I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love helping others and being a role model. 


BP: How long have you been involved in education?

MD: 2 years.


BP: What college did you attend?

MD: Montclair State University.


BP: What did you study/major?

MD: Secondary Education Mathematics


BP: What are your first impressions of WHS?

MD: My first impression of WHS was that the staff was very welcoming. I was very excited to be a part of the WHS staff. 


BP: Are you involved in any extracurriculars for WHS?

MD:  I will be helping coach varsity cheer this year!


BP: How do you feel about your first year at WHS being on remote learning so far?

MD: As the start of the year was very different than any other, I appreciate the cooperation of my students as we try new things and the staff for being so helpful! 


BP: What were some challenges you have faced with the new style of teaching?

MD: A challenge I have faced with the new style of teaching is not being able to do problems on the board to display for my students. Instead, I am getting used to using Kami. 


BP: What are you looking forward to this school year? 

MD:  I am looking forward to building a strong relationship with both my students and my athletes. 


BP: Did you ever anticipate your first year teaching at WHS would play out like this?

MD:  I did not expect my first year at WHS to be like this, but I am thankful that the staff is so supportive during these times to make me feel better about how things are happening and what is happening.