Welcome Mrs. Ahmed to the WHS Staff


This is Mrs. Ahmed’s first year teaching at Woodbridge High School. She attended Rutgers University, and majored in Marine Biology with a minor in Science Education.


The Barron Perspective: What is your name?

Mrs. Ahmed: Shifa Ahmed (Mrs. Ahmed)


 BP: What classes do you teach?  

 MA: Environmental Science


BP: What were you doing prior to teaching?

MA: This was my first profession!


BP: What made you want to get involved in education?

MA: My minor was Science Education and as soon as I shadowed my first science class, I fell in love with it and knew that I had found my calling


BP: How long have you been involved in education?

MA: This is my 7th year of teaching!


BP: What college did you attend?

MA: I went to Rutgers University and majored in Marine Biology with a Minor is Science Education


BP: What are your first impressions of WHS?

MA: I love the technology integration at WHS! The youtube videos alone made me super excited to be joining the WHS team.


BP: Are you involved in any extracurriculars for WHS?

MA: No extracurriculars


BP: How do you feel about your first year at WHS being on remote learning so far?

MA: Remote Learning has been a challenge for everyone involved–students, teachers, and administration, but it’s given everyone an opportunity to challenge themselves. For me, it’s helped me grow as a teacher by learning about and utilizing various online tools and platforms.


BP: What were some challenges you have faced with the new style of teaching?

MA:  It’s been difficult incorporating things like lab activities into the lessons, but luckily I have some really cool virtual lab activities planned for the near future!


BP: What are you looking forward to this school year? 

MA: Looking forward to meeting my students in person


BP: Did you ever anticipate your first year teaching at WHS would play out like this?

MA: Definitely did not anticipate me first year teaching at WHS would play out like this, but I’m making the best out of the situation! Safety is the only thing I put before my students’ education, and I truly believe that keeping the instruction 100% virtual for the time being is the safest decision.