Political Correctness Creates an Offended America

Giovanni Santiago , Editor

America has been polluted with political correctness, and according to the majority, it is a significant problem.

Political correctness is an attempt to avoid forms of expression or action that are recognized as insulting. However, in 2018, everything is perceived as an insult. These insults can include saying “Merry Christmas,” saying “god” in the pledge of allegiance or even wearing the American flag proudly. Political correctness is not only an annoyance for most people but an appalling notion that poses an immense threat to the freedom of speech of all Americans.  While offending people purposely is an atrocious action, political correctness is not a desirable solution.

In addition, political correctness impedes citizens from expressing their views due to the judgment of the opposition. According to a statistic done by the New York Post, 71 percent of the respondents admit to hiding their beliefs to avoid offending people around them. Another recent poll, done by Fox News, exhibits that 66 percent of the participants think that political correctness has gone too far. As it can be confirmed by these polls, most of America believes that this concept is not a convenient aspect of everyday life.

This vile approach to “a better world” has found its way to all public places. For instance, a school in Seattle decided to call Easter Eggs “spring spheres” to avoid insulting anyone who does not celebrate Easter. It can also be mentioned that Christmas trees are beginning to be called “holiday trees” to accommodate people who do not celebrate Christmas. Some progressive thinkers consider political correctness a legitimate approach to prevent these resentments. Yet these same people are the ones who think it is reasonable to be offended by a tree or an egg.

The multitude of people share the goal of forestalling hate speech from entering their community. Nevertheless, not everybody can agree on what hate speech is. As reported by The Atlantic, most Americans feel it would be impossible to prohibit hate speech because everyone has diverse opinions on what constitutes as hate speech. Therefore, society cannot be expected to follow the regulations of political correctness since anything can be considered offensive towards different groups of people.

It is impossible to be sure that one’s views can be expressed without offending anyone in this day and age. People cannot act as themselves in public anymore and are restricted to speaking their beliefs only in privacy. Who is to say that the confidentiality of one’s home is not next on the mission to eradicate free speech and make this nation entirely politically correct?