Fit of the Week: Brianna DeJesus


Diego Rolon, Editor

Brianna DeJesus, a senior, is known best for her style and presence. On Friday, September 6th she was seen wearing a t-shirt from Forever 21 with a bible scripture, a pink Tommy Hilfiger skirt with a military belt thrifted from Inspirations, and Dr. Martens combat boots

Brianna is very eclectic when it comes down to what she wears, as she just tends to “switch it up” day by day. “It dictates my mood… so does weather.”

On her thoughts about fashion, she said that it tends to be “inclusive” and wants to push the idea that fashion is meant for everyone and not a “VIP” topic. When it comes down to where she purchases her wardrobe, thrifting is an important aspect. “People used to be bullied for [thrift shopping],” she states. Another part of Brianna’s fashion is her hair and makeup.