(Super Bowl XXXIV) On This Day – January 30th

Michael Thomas, Editor

On this day, January the 30th, in the year of 2000, Super Bowl XXXIV (34), the first Super Bowl of the twenty-first century between the Tennessee Titans and the then St. Louis Rams, was held.

Super Bowl XXXIV is best remembered for its dramatic closure. After Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson caught a pass around the five yard line and ran for the endzone. In an attempt to halt this, Rams linebacker Mike Jones tackled Dyson by the legs, but Dyson lunged for the endzone.

Extending his arm to the endzone, Jones tackle left Dyson one yard short of the endzone, and with the clock at zero, Los Angeles won the game twenty-three to sixteen.

To view a video of the last play of the game, known as “The Tackle”, see the “Daniel Leu” YouTube video entitled “The Tackle (Rams vs Titans 1999 Super Bowl XXXIV)” (Bleacher Report) (NBC Sports) (NFL).

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