Lets Get Green and Educated on the Environment


Apart of the 25 total responses,The Barron Perspective received from our polls uploaded on our sites twitter, we now are brought to the poll that is deemed to be effective to students not only now, but their futures as well.

This poll was labeled as “WHS and its Environment”. By this title, some students may have thought it to be the vicinity within the school itself, but it had to do with something much greater… our world.

The questions are geared to see how active and involved students at WHS are with the environment. Whether it be recycling, littering, or even being vegan, The Barron Perspective was able to get insight into what students are attributing to make the world a cleaner place or destroying it.

Such as the other poll regarding WHS students and their studying habits, this one had 7 “yes” and “no” styled questions as well as one written response. There was a total of 10 responses with four written answers.

Based off the information gathered, it can be concluded that a total of 70% of students are somewhat educated when its comes to the environment (this being a student forming their own thoughts off of research when it comes to scientific articles corresponding with sea levels, pollution, natural disasters, food, etc.), while 20% felt they were very aware, leaving 10% not knowing at all.

What was interesting to see within the written responses is that two of the four responses seemed to be concerned with others and how they can save animals or help make the world simply “a better place for everyone”.

Although some issues occurring environmentally may seem impossible to fix or even as though Mother Nature is giving up on the human race, students can make a change within their school, home, wherever with or without the support of government officials.

Such things include the following:

Green Your Commute// car share, ride bike, walk, take public transportation

Eat Better// buy local and organic, grow your own produce, do not waste food, eat meat-free meals or reduce meat intake

Use energy wisely// wash clothes in cold or warm water, dry clothes right away or hang dry, unplug any electronics not being used, purchase energy efficient appliances

Register to Vote and Campaign//vote for change, all levels of government can have a big effect on the ability to lower emissions.

By doing these acts each day and telling a peer to also do it, one by one we can begin to rebuild our planet and make it cleaner for everyone including animals. Stay educated and aware.