Chopping up the Competition

Vincent Snee, Reporters

The advanced cooking class is prepping for their semester final, the Chopped Challenge. This is a cooking challenge between all Ms .Versuk’s classes where students have to prepare dishes for teachers and professional chefs to judge. The three-day challenge requires groups of students to prepare an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Should a student win the final cook off, they would win the grand prize of a lunch from ShopRite paid for by Ms. Versuk.

Competitors are looking forward to this year’s challenge. In their entrees, the students will be provided with mystery ingredients of which they are not prepared for. Matt Dyzak, a cooking student with three years experience, believes that he has an edge over other competitors. “My cleanliness, creativity, and patience will help his group take the win.” said Dyzak. His groups creativity should be most beneficial due to the mystery ingredient, which Miss. Versuk said was going to be a major role.

Several other competitors are looking forward for the challenges to come. Fellow competitor Talik Moore is looking for the dessert round. “ I think I have a really strong grip on working with sweet stuff and I think my biggest strength would be that.” said Moore.

Competitors will be judged and evaluated in the following categories: taste, presentation, and creativity. The annual competition contains one very special mystery ingredient. This year’s ingredient is scallions. Ms. Versuk wants to see students use scallions creatively in their dishes rather than making it a garnish just to look at.

The Chopped Challenge is a new look on class finals. “ My students are good at what they do, but they do much better when you add that competition element. Every group wants to win and no wants to lose or come up short, so I feel this persuades them to put their best foot forward and try their best.” said Miss.Versuk. She and many others look forward to the final outcome.