Chromebooks: Beneficial or Distracting?

Kanwal Chohan, Reporters

Chromebooks being broken by students has become a huge problem in Woodbridge High School. This is costing students a great amount of money. Some students dislike using their chromebooks in class just like a few teachers at Woodbridge High School.

Aleena Ahmed, a sophomore at Woodbridge High School, is waiting for her new chromebook to come back after it was broken. She paid a fifty dollar fine for her broken chromebook and has been using a spare one for the while being.

“Most of my assignments were on Google Classroom and I could not access them for a while, I fell behind very quickly, and it took me a while to catch back up.” said Ahmed before she received her spare chromebook.

Students have become used to using their chromebooks in the majority of their classes. It has become a necessity for students and teachers in the classroom. From textbooks to classwork and homework, everything is done on the chromebooks. It would be very difficult for students who have a broken chromebook to finish their classwork, especially if that student doesn’t have another device at home.

Some teachers think that chromebooks are a distraction while other teachers think it is a useful tool in a classroom.

Ms. Rivera is a Spanish teacher at Woodbridge High School, she uses chromebooks in her classroom everyday.

“I like to use chromebooks as a resource in the classroom.” said Ms. Rivera,

“Sometimes, students walk in and start work for another class or are simply in games or other websites, that have nothing to do with spanish.”

Ms. Neidhardt is an English teacher at Woodbridge High Schoo who uses chromebooks almost every day.

“I like that we no longer have to waste time distributing chromebooks and that they are right there at students’ fingertips.” said Ms. Neidhardt.

“I do not like the fact that many come uncharged, or forgotten, or broken, and that many students’ feel it is an open invitation to be off task with it.” added Ms. Neidhardt.

This is the first year chromebooks are being used on a daily basis at Woodbridge High School, and it will take some time for everyone to adjust to the new changes.