Amory Postpones Retirement to Create SoundCloud Choir


Ms. Amory sports some "chill" gear to match her new position as SoundCloud choir director. Projected to start rehearsals in the next school year, Amory has already begun getting accustomed to the "young rapper vibe."

Madison Carral, Editor

Longtime choir director Elizabeth Amory will be postponing her retirement to the end of the 2019 school year in hopes of kick-starting a new SoundCloud choir. As many Woodbridge students have begun exploring their talents on the app, she hopes to bring in a slew of new musicians.

Ms. Amory has created quite the legacy for herself at Woodbridge High School, bringing trophies home every year with the work of her accomplished choirs. She hopes that a group entirely composed of SoundCloud rappers and vocalists will add a “dope, modern element” to the Music Department.

SoundCloud is an online streaming platform that allows anyone and everyone to upload, discover, and share audio, most of which is music. “I was introduced to the vast world of SoundCloud when I heard songs, or as the kids say, ‘bops,’ from a senior rapper at our school named MikeyJ. His verses were very to the point, yet truly emotional–something I really admire,” Ms. Amory said.

To really bring this choir to their full potential, Ms. Amory hopes to recruit Creative Writing and Journalism teacher, Mr. O’Halloran, to assist students with lyric writing. Unfortunately, it is undetermined whether or not he will take up the offer. “In all honesty, I feel a bit intimidated,” Mr. O’Halloran said. “The talent is just pouring out of these kids and I don’t know if I can meet their skill set.”

Once Ms. Amory finds a sufficient number of musicians for the choir, she plans to get them rehearsed and fitted for the proper attire. In performances, she says students will be dressed in hoodies, beanies and/or caps, and an optional pair of “shades.”

Principal Lottmann was thrilled at the idea upon being informed and gave approval right away. “I’m all for it. Student-produced music goes hard! Hopefully, they can take after the success of recent graduate Is0kenny,” he said. With Mr. Lottmann’s green light, all the SoundCloud choir needs now is well-versed participants.

Ms. Amory anticipates that the choir will be completed by the end of the 2019 school year and, if need be, auditions will be held welcoming students who possess strong pop/hip-hop vibes. With this revised generational take on chorale traditions, Woodbridge High School is sure to match the times and bring a new sound of music to the district.