Chiera Leaves WHS for School #18


Mr. Chiera poses with a special parting gift from the staff at WHS. His last official day as vice principal was March 29th.

Madison Carral, Editor

Former vice principal Mr. Chiera has left his position to become the new, full-time principal at Indiana Avenue Elementary School #18. He officially began his new work on the first of April.

Chiera was a vice principal at Woodbridge High School for roughly three years and was a special education teacher at Colonia High for 13 years prior to that. After spending so long in secondary education, he has made a big change in his move to elementary.

Never having led or taught students at any level besides high school, taking the position at School #18 was a big step for Chiera. “One of my creeds in life is to kind of get out of your comfort zone,” he said.

In moving over to a new educational environment, there will be several adjustments for Mr. Chiera to make. For example, he’ll be working one-on-one with an entirely new team.

“My team at [School #18] will be some of my counselors and the teachers, so it’s a little bit more secluded and intimate,” Chiera said. “All the day-to-day activities kind of fall on me now.”

There is no doubt that Mr. Chiera will be highly missed by the Barron family. Principal Lottmann expressed great confidence in his long-time friend. “If you put in, you’re gonna get an interview and you’re gonna get the job,” he recalled telling Mr Chiera prior to the application deadline.

Mr. Perry, who will be assuming Mr. Chiera’s responsibilities, such as scheduling, extends the same pride about his previous counterpart. “[Mr. Chiera] is an amazing relationship builder and an incredibly dedicated and hard worker,” says Perry. “His work ethic and positive nature are contagious.”

To replace Mr. Chiera, Ms. Panko, an English teacher from John F. Kennedy High School, was appointed vice principal at the March 14th Board of Education meeting. She began transitioning into the role on March 18th.

After an amazing two year run, Woodbridge wishes Mr. Chiera the best of luck at Indiana Avenue School #18 in his new role.