The Fight for Modern Socialism Is a Dangerous One

Giovanni Santiago, Editor

Supporters of Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may welcome socialism, but the number of people who acknowledge the detriment that the ideology brings vastly outweigh the progressives who support it.

Most Americans who are against the doctrine do not argue that government-funded institutions are disastrous to the idea of self-reliance. However, the ridiculous proposal to create a society in which, for example, both healthcare and college education is affordable for everyone while still being efficient is unlikely to work.

2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders aims to make college free for anyone in need of a degree. While this does sound like a noble undertaking, it also sounds like a utopia fabricated by Hollywood producers. Behind the fantasies that Bernie Sanders preaches, are the substantial costs that he decides to omit while speaking to his young supporters. None of his millennial advocates want to hear that his plan for free college is rather expensive. The federal government will supposedly fund the majority of the yearly $75 billion costs, while each state will fund the remaining 33%.

Sanders’ socialist agenda also promises medicare for all. While everyone deserves the right to a healthcare system that works, his single-payer solution has several inconveniences. With his policy, taxes would not only escalate vastly, but wait times would be massively increased since everyone would possess the same coverage.

Similar to Bernie Sanders and the entire socialist agenda, freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems eager to discover ways to plummet America’s economy while also leaving millions of workers jobless. Through her “Green New Deal,” she plans to tackle climate change in an attempt to stabilize our environment. However, during her quest to give this country a cleaner earth, she adds the cost of seven trillion dollars for the taxpayers to deal with. Moreover, while citizens pay the astronomical prices, about ten million Americans will lose their jobs since her ‘revolutionary’ idea impedes the work of oil, gas, and coal industries.

Many believe socialism is an absurd concept for this country to abide by. During the State of the Union address, President Donald Trump stated that “America will never be a socialist country,” which generated applause from the majority of the room.  It’s not just President Trump’s fellow Republicans who are against the idea. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House, has refuted  socialism several times, explaining that “socialism is not the view of the Democratic Party.” 

Pelosi is not the only one to condemn the ideology. According to polls done by NBC News, Fox News, and The Hill, the majority of the pollers were against the attempt of making this country more socialist.

Ultimately, Socialism bears economic deficiency, a colossal loss of jobs, higher taxes, and the destruction of competition in businesses. As the warnings that were given to us by Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and many other failing countries have shown, socialism leads to catastrophic consequences and has no place in America.