Mr. Jago Teaches the New AP Seminar Couse

Victoria Linea, Reporter

Woodbridge High School has incorporated a new course in the high school curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year: AP Seminar taught by Mr. Jago.

Mr. Kane, head of the guidance department, and Mr. Jago, a teacher at WHS, gave a quick insight into what this course will entail and why it is something students should consider putting on their schedule.

The College Board writes on their page explaining that this course is an “interdisciplinary course that encourages students to demonstrate critical thinking, collaboration, and academic research skills on topics of the student’s choosing”.

This is a relatively new course offered by The College Board and the school had the privilege to integrate the program in WHS for grades 10 to 12. “The process and application take about 1.5 years to 2 years to get approved,” said Mr. Kane.

As Mr. Kane said, AP Seminar is a “rare and unique course” so students should be taking advantage of it. Taking this course “sets you apart from other students in the country during the college application process”.

“It is a great opportunity for the top level student who wants to challenge themselves and who also has a passion for a topic they want to research further,” said Mr. Kane.

Mr. Jago is the one who will be running this class in future years. “The biggest benefit is the researching techniques the students can use far beyond high school.”

If you are interested in this course and pass it you can move on to AP Research. If you pass this course as well, you will receive an AP Seminar and Research award day of your graduation.

In order to receive a Capstone diploma the day of your graduation, you have to pass both AP Seminar and AP Research with a 3 or higher and also do the same with 4 other AP courses of your choice. “The Capstone program is extremely beneficial. Not only do you learn skills hat can help you beyond the classroom, but you also have the chance of getting an AP Diploma in addition to your regular Diploma at graduation.”

These are all the good things that can happen to you as a student and it all starts by taking AP Seminar.

Jessica Josifoska, a Freshman at WHS, has thought about taking this course in her sophomore year. “This course sounds very interesting and having it on my high school transcripts will help me get into a better college.”

“Incorporating this course and AP research into the high school was a smart decision from the Woodbridge Board of Education.”