Choirs Looking Sharp as Ms.Romero Steps in as New Choir Director

Brianna De Jesus, Editor

The retirement of WHS’ Choir Director, Ms. Amory left staff and students, especially Senior choir students, feeling upset. Sure enough, WHS administration pulled through and hired a new director which will honor Ms. Amory legacy and push our choirs in a positive direction forward.

Barron Perspective: What were you doing prior to being the Director of Choirs at WHS?

Romero: I taught General Music, grades K-5, at Avenel Street School #4&5 in Woodbridge from 2012-2019. Before that, I taught General Music for grades Pre-K through 8 in Kearny, NJ for two years.

BP: What made you get into music education?

Romero: I grew up in a musical family- my dad sang in an a cappella group since he was a teenager, and my grandmother played piano for her church.. I started playing piano when I was 7 and always sang in choir at school since I can remember. When I was a student here at WHS, I joined Concert Choir and Ms. Amory allowed me to lead sectionals during choir rehearsal. That’s when I fell in love with teaching and decided to study Music Education.

BP: What do you believe has prepared you for this school year?

Romero: Ms. Amory has created such an amazing choir program here over her 30+ years, so I have been working with her very closely and trying to learn as much as I can from her. I m also because I have worked with some WHS students and faculty before serving as the vocal director for our spring musical every year since 2014. That really helped me get to know our students’ talents and gave me experience working with the other teachers in our Performing Arts department. It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces on the first day of school!

BP: What is your favorite part about directing choirs?

Romero: Choir is about people connecting with each other on a real level, which is really special and important, especially in our fast-paced society. I love when the choir members, the conductor, and the audience (usually made up of people from all backgrounds, social circles, and ages) experience the same emotions together during a performance. I also love that hearing or performing music from different cultures or in different languages allows us to truly empathize with others.

BP: What are your hobbies outside of school?

Romero: Music! I sing in my church choir, attend a ton of concerts, and play music with my friends and family. I also love to bake and cook and try new foods. When the weather is nice I like to go hiking with my husband Erik and our dog Nora.

BP: What does your school day consist of?


Block 1- Concert Choir and Show Choir (A/B)

Block 2- Women’s choir and Mixed Choir (A/B)

Block 3- Music Theory 1 (A lunch)

4th block I have my professional period (although I always keep myself busy with my never-ending to-do list!)

BP: What do you hope students gain from your guidance?

Romero: I hope they grow into independent musicians who are able to express their true selves and make their own creative decisions. I hope they also come to appreciate the amazing feeling of working cooperatively with others to achieve a difficult goal; relying on others and having other rely on you. To me choir is a family, and that’s what I hope for my students.

BP: What do you like about WHS thus far?

Romero: Every faculty member I’ve met has been very friendly and welcoming. I love seeing some of the teachers I had when I was a student here! I also love my students, especially because they have been helping me get accustomed to my new position and have been so welcoming. The only part I DON’T like is having to wake up much earlier than my old job!

BP: What do you look forward to at WHS?

Romero: I am looking forward to the choirs’ rigorous performance schedule. Coming up we have our annual Haunted House, and then November and December are filled with holiday events and concerts. In the spring we will travel on our competition trip to Washington, D.C.

BP: Is there anything you would like to add?

Romero: I would like to thank the Barron Perspective for taking the time to interview me and the other new teachers. I am looking forward to a great year and I’m happy to be back home as a Barron!