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Saw X Movie Review

Review / Recap Of The New ‘Saw X’ Movie.
A poster of Saw X
A poster of Saw X

In the previous “Saw” films, some may say they were more messy and hard to keep up with. However, critics say Saw X is the total opposite and the concept is easy to follow. These people do bad things, and John Kramer punishes them. What he does is extreme compared to the actions of the people like stealing something etc. It doesn’t justify John’s actions, but it’s what makes him interesting. If you’re completely innocent, nothing should happen to you and it’s that simple (To Kramer…). He also has a sidekick Amanda (Smith), a fan favorite who helps him with his punishments.

The Plot

John had been suffering from cancer and was told he only had a few months to live. At a support group for cancer, he met a guy named Henry who had terminal cancer. Four months passed, and John saw Henry out at his local coffee shop; who looked like he had never been sick.

He told John about a treatment that he’d gotten from Dr. Finn Pederson. He said it changed his life and cured him of cancer. John did some research on Pederson and found that he was no longer working. Luckily for him, his daughter Dr. Cecilia Pederson was continuing his work. He got in touch with her and she referred him to a makeshift clinic in Mexico City. Just like that his surgery was in two weeks.

Kramer took the trip to Mexico City, and when he got there he got a tour of the city by his taxi driver, Diego who then took him to the facility. He met Gabriela as soon as he walked in, who claimed to have been cured by Cecilia’s treatment as well as the rest of her medical team: Valentina (nurse), Mateo (anesthesiologist), and surgeon Dr. Cortez. Cecilia takes John to the operating room, where he met someone named Parker who is said to have just undergone the same operation and was giving off the impression that it went well. Cecilia and her team began surgery on John, and when he woke up Cecilia told him that the surgery was successful.

John felt amazing thinking that he was cured of cancer and had a new view on life. He fixed Carlos’ (a young boy who liked to play soccer outside of the facility) broken bicycle, and then bought a bottle of tequila as a gift for Gabriela. When he returned to the facility to give her the gift, he found the operating table and room abandoned and in disarray. He then realized that the surgery to remove his brain tumor was all just a scam, and no surgery had taken place.

After finding out that it was all a scam and that “Dr. Cortez ” was actually Diego in disguise, he started the games. He had Amanda kidnap Valentina, Cecilia, Gabriela, and Mateo while John abducted Diego from his taxi. Diego woke up from being abducted with John watching over him in the facility. However, Diego had two bombs wired into his arms, and his job was to use scalpels attached to his hands to remove them. Diego survived the test and gave John information on where to find the others. John Kramer then sent Amanda to kidnap Valentina, Cecilia, Gabriela, and Mateo.

They woke up in the factory confused and chained up so that they can’t escape. Valentina was the first one to be put to the “test”.  Her task was to amputate her leg and extract bone marrow from her body for a certain amount of time.  The torturous acts then go on for every member of the group. The different tasks consisted of cutting into their own skull, being burned by radiation, and much more. When it got to Cecilia though, the plot changed. She was in it along with Parker, one of the guys on her team, and she had called him to come save her.  They then both held John Kramer at gunpoint and put him in one of his own torturous acts. 

Cecilia got the little boy, Carlos, who liked to play soccer around the facility and brought him inside. She then set the little boy and Kramer up on a waterboarding machine (except it was blood). She was going to leave it up to Kramer to decide whether he or Carlos survives. Cecilia and Parker then ran up to a room in the facility where they had kept their money. Little did they know Amanda was going to come running and save Carlos & John.

Some may think Kramer is a little extreme, but the audience loved to see him come out on top once again. Was Saw X the best Saw movie yet?

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