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Student Written, Student Produced

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Woodbrdge Township Holds “Goblet of Fire” Tournament to Determine Best School

Rival schools unleash school power and spirit in midst of tri-school tournament
Kiara Guadalupe
This an image of Harry Potter’s Quidditch Stadium, similar to where the tournament will take place.

This year, Woodbridge High School’s football team beat many schools, including some of their biggest rivals in Colonia High and JFK. This, as it does every year, ignited the heated debate on which school is best. After taking back the “bragging rights” trophy and creating one of the biggest student sections Woodbridge Township has ever seen, many students thought the debate was settled.

However, Colonia refused to accept it and JFK, wanting to feel included, joined the discourse. In a district filled with schools eager to prove who’s the best, Colonia proposed the idea of a “Goblet of Fire ” tournament, inspired by the Tri-Wizard Tournament from the movie, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. This was used to determine which school reigns supreme. This inter-school competition would bring together students for a spellbinding showcase of skills to prove their superiority fairly.

Each school can select one student to represent them in the “Goblet of Fire” tournament. The selection process will take place at each school’s gymnasium the day before the tournament. This event is a chance for ten voted-in students to show off their talents and prove their strengths.

About the Tournament

After each champion is selected, they will be entered into a series of challenges. Each challenge is made to test the student’s skills in various disciplines from academic duels to physical strength battles to navigating riddles and mazes. Each challenge will highlight a different aspect of education, allowing each school to demonstrate its unique strengths.

The “Goblet of Fire” tournament isn’t just about the schools. It’s an event that brings not only the school community, but the entire community together. Community members will attend the challenges, creating support, spirit, and connections with people from different backgrounds. Local businesses will sponsor the tournament, providing financial support and prizes. The atmosphere will be electric, with colorful banners, mascots, and cheering that fills the stands.

Woodbridge Senior Bikramjit Singh states “The “Goblet of Fire” is the only event that all students will go all out for. Everyone wants to be chosen.”

The tournament has become a celebration of the diverse talents and achievements of each school.

After the series of challenges, the tournament reaches the finale. The final challenge is a mix of all the skills and knowledge the champions have displayed throughout the tournament. It will be a challenge that captivates the audience as the champions push themselves to their limits in hopes of winning. The student who comes out victorious will win their school the title of “Best School in the District” and $10,000. May the best student win!

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Brooke Updale
Brooke Updale, Editor
Brooke Updale is a senior at Woodbridge High School. She is a first-year journalism student and is excited to be an editor of the entertainment section. Born and raised in Woodbridge, Updale is involved in Woodbridge High's Track and Cross Country team. She enjoys listening to music and watching horror movies. 
Kiara Guadalupe
Kiara Guadalupe, Editor
Kiara Guadalupe is a senior at Woodbridge High School. She is a first-year journalism student excited for her future reporting for The Barron Perspective. Kiara is captain of the cross-country team and is also a part of the WHS track team. Outside of school, her interests include music, watching horror movies, listening to poetry and going on long runs.

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