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Student Written, Student Produced

The Barron Perspective

Student Written, Student Produced

The Barron Perspective

MLB’s Biggest Free Agent Signings this Offseason

Shohei Ohtani speaking to the public after signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The MLB season came to a close on October 27th this year with the Texas Rangers winning The World Series. With this time of the year being the off season, MLB still makes noise with huge trades and big free agent signings. With no one playing even, the fans still feel the same amount of excitement they feel mid season. 

Shohei Ohtani

MLB has been full of trades and free-agent signings this winter, with the biggest one being Shohei Ohtani of course. Ohtani’s free agency has been talked about for years now with everyone looking forward to it.  With Ohtani being on the Angels, everyone knew when his contract was up that he would want to find a new home. 

Ohtani found a new home, but it was right down the street. He ended up signing with the Dodgers which is only about a one-hour drive from Angels stadium. Ohtani signed with the Dodgers for a Whopping 700 million dollar contract for 10 years breaking the MLB record for the largest contract in history. With Othani being a Cy Young contender and an MVP award winner, every dollar that he is getting paid is well deserved. 

The Yankees

On the complete other side of America The New York Yankees, coming off a rough season, are making moves as well. The Yankees traded a star reliever in Michael King and some other relievers for one of the best hitters in the MLB, Juan Soto. Soto has been an All-Star year in and year out ever since he got called up by the Nationals back in 2018. With the Yankees having a disappointing year they needed lefty bats and more depth in their lineup. Now with the offensive issue hopefully solved the Yankees will turn their focus on starting pitching. Reporters see that the best fits for the Yankees as of right now could be The Brewers Corbin Burns, Shane Beiber, and Cy Young winner Blake Snell who is a free agent. 

Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Going back to the Pacific the Dodgers made another big move that shocked the MLB. Starting Pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, was a pitcher for Japan and behind Shoehei Ohtani was also a huge free agent this offseason. Yamamoto got to perform in front of the world during the WBC ( World Baseball Classic) and that’s when more eyes caught notice of him. Yamamoto has always been a consistent star in the NBP and has been on every team’s radar. With being teammates with Shohei Ohtani in the WBC, they have become great friends and they both look forward to reuniting this April when the season starts up again. 

With many free agents still on the board like NL Cy Young winner Blake Snell, there is still a lot to happen. MLB still has a lot of buzz with fans being on the edge of their seats anxious to see where players will land. When will the next MLB star sign with a team, and if they do where will it be? 

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