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Student Written, Student Produced

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Student Written, Student Produced

The Barron Perspective

Mr. Osborne Learns Forensic Techniques to Stop Hall Roaming

Students and faculty believe the principal of Woodbridge High School taking things too far by using forensics to track student movements.

We all understand that schools need a way to be aware of where students are in the building. However, some believe the principal of Woodbridge High School taking it a step too far. There are students and faculty who believe Mr. Osborne is using forensic techniques to track student movements.

You may be asking how anyone could be sure about that. Well, we here at the Barron Perspective can confirm that we have evidence to back up our claim. We’ve interviewed students and faculty alike confirming suspicions that someone is trying to track our movements very carefully.

While going up or down the stairs, some people will hold onto the rail as they go down. On the rail, we found a powdery substance. On further examination, we determined that the powder was either talcum powder or even cocoa powder; both of which are used by forensic scientists to find fingerprints at crime scenes.

Now why would anyone, especially Mr. Osborne, use forensic tactics to find our students’ movements? Well, one major problem that the school has is hall roaming amongst the students. Another reason could be to understand how the student body thinks and operates. 

“While walking down the stairs or even touching some lockers, my hand would always look like they had chalk on them,” said an anonymous student, “I didn’t think much of it as the building is huge and I thought it was just dust. However, every day that passed, it seemed like more of that powder was around.”

“My students are by no means bodybuilders, so when I thought I found chalk on some of my markers or even their Chromebooks I thought it was odd,” said an anonymous teacher. “Taking some of the powder off, I realized that the color had changed from being white to brown. I put it in some water to see if it had a reaction and it turned into a liquid chocolate! My students denied carrying cocoa powder on them. Very strange.”

Further research is being conducted, but it seems almost certain that Mr. Osborne has learned forensic techniques to track students.

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Justin Pagan
Justin Pagan, Reporter
Justin Pagan is a Senior and Cadet Operations Sargent Major in the Woodbridge High School  JROTC, as well as a Raider for the Raider Competition. Justin is a first year journalism student and staff writer for the Barron Perspective. In his free time, Justin is a massive history buff, hoping to later on go to college and become a history teacher.

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