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Student Written, Student Produced

The Barron Perspective

Student Written, Student Produced

The Barron Perspective

Faculty Left Baffled as Students Communicate via Song and Dance

In an unexpected twist, the students of Woodbridge High School have begun communicating through song and dance.

In an unexpected twist, the students of Woodbridge High School have recently gained a new form of communication that has all of the staff speechless. The long hallways are no longer filled with the day-to-day chatter of the students. Instead, it was replaced with multiple different tunes and dance moves being displayed up and down the hallways.

Early Monday morning, teachers and administrators were taken aback as they watched all of the students break into spontaneous song and coordinated dance routines. They used these routines to express their feelings, thoughts, and even to answer questions in the classroom. This out-of-the-ordinary way of communication has taken a typical school day and turned it into a Broadway musical! The teachers were gossiping as they’d never seen anything like this before.

“When I first saw it, I thought maybe they were shooting a video for a school project,” said WHS Principal Mr. Osborne. “But when it continued into the next day and the day after that, I knew something had completely changed.”

The musical numbers that the students were singing were about a variety of different topics. They went from singing about algebra equations to the cafeteria food while simultaneously dancing with precise choreography. The school’s lunch rooms, classrooms, football fields, and more had turned into a stage for all of the students. They performed their in-sync dances and songs for the whole day all throughout the school.

While the school administration was initially taken aback, it began to show an effort to adapt to these new conditions.

“Things may be hard to adjust to, but this may be good for our school,” Osborne stated. “The students are disrupting the learning process, and it’s a very engaging way to communicate with others. We will be looking at how we can insert this new idea into our teaching methods and classrooms.”

Teacher’s Response

Some teachers have already started implying this new musical language in their teaching methods. Math Teacher Mrs. Levine has begun singing the equations while Mrs. Mizak, history teacher, has started explaining historical events to the students through dance routines. 

Even though the school staff are still trying to understand the reason behind this new musical form of communication, they have yet to deny the positive impact that it has had on the school. The attendance has been much better, and the students are more engaged in all of their classes.

However, the question still lingers: Why have all the Woodbridge High School students started communicating only through song and dance? Some may guess that it’s a way to rebel, while others suggest that maybe they’re just doing a social experiment. The students when asked have remained silent, only busting out in song or dance as a response. It seems all students have made a pact to not give any answers.

As the school community adjusts to this new Broadway-like reality, one thing is for sure- WHS has never been more harmonious, lively, or engaging. Who knew High School Musical could come to life?

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Taryn Braff
Taryn Braff, Reporter
Taryn Braff is a junior at Woodbridge High School and this is her first time taking a journalism class, where she will work as a reporter and staff writer. She likes to write about relevant topics/trends, along with writing & reading suspenseful pieces. She was on Woodbridge High School’s volleyball team during her freshman year, which opened up opportunities for her to do a bunch of fundraising to support the Barrons!

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