Experience a Fairy Tale with “Into the Woods”


Madison Carral

Mr. Terrell, head director, studies his script in the midst of musical rehearsal. This year’s annual show, Into the Woods, was decided on last school year.

Madison Carral, Editor

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Woodbridge High School drama club will perform Into the Woods for their annual spring show. Currently in preparation, staff and students involved plan to rehearse all winter long and present the popularized musical in late March.

Into the Woods, to be directed by Theater Arts and Philosophy teacher, Mr. Terrell, brings an unexpected twist to the fairy tales that many know and love. “It’s darker than many of the musicals we’ve done in the past. It meets a fine line between a newer piece and a Broadway standard without being too overdone or over saturated.”

Mr. Terrell, who has been involved in school productions for 12 years, puts immense work into the show. Previously working in tech with lights, sound, and staging, this year he took on the head position of directing the musical. He will work alongside Mr. Kohn, the band director, and Ms. Romero, the vocal director, to make the production the best it can be.

Aside from staff, the show will also be put on by the students themselves, who got the opportunity to sign-up for stage crew or try-out for the cast in late November. The select students have been prepping for the show since they were chosen and will work for four full months in total to make the musical as best it can be.

Among the cast is sophomore Lauren Padden, who was chosen as the Witch, one of the key characters in the show. Taking on such a demanding role as an underclassman, she says, “I am extremely nervous… However, I am so excited to play this part and see the entire show come to life.”

Lauren, who participated as a freshman in last year’s show, She Loves Me, realizes the effort it will take to prepare for the musical. Although, she does enjoy the process as a whole. “I feel the best part of prepping is learning how to become someone else, getting to know and understand their background, the way the character thinks, speaks, and portrays themselves outside of myself,” she says.

Performing next to Lauren will be junior Joe Golden, who is set to play the notable role of the Baker. Joe has high hopes for this year’s production and is specifically excited to work alongside his classmates in the months to come. “The best part is getting close to everyone in the process.” He continues, “Being an upperclassman gives me the opportunity to be a role model to the underclassmen.”

Into the Woods is undoubtedly the show to look out for, whereas Mr. Terrell describes the production itself as “both magical and frightening”. Although there are still months to come, the cast can definitely say that this musical will be unlike any other.

Set to run March 21-23 at 7 p.m. and March 24 at 2 p.m, tickets for the production will be sold for $10 several weeks in advance and $13 at the door for any interested in witnessing the fairy tale. With months of prep and hours of rehearsals, the mystery of Into the Woods is nothing that anyone should miss.