Reo Diner Consumer Report

Diego Rolon, Reporter

Since 1935, Reo Diner has one of the most famous diners in Woodbridge. Located on 392 Amboy Ave, Woodbridge, NJ, the classic restaurant joins the township in its 350th anniversary.

Reo Diner has a 24-hour service on every day of the week. In this time they provide a wide variety of options on their menu including breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and late night meals.

They have foods such as Belgian waffles, Italian specials, Philly cheese steaks, Fat Cats, and more. Fat Cats are one of their incredibly popular items with it being a mixture of different items on the menu, typically appetizers, in a sandwich. They also cater to vegetarians with a number of vegetarian options.

My personal favorite meal here is the Fat Al; it is made up of mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, marinara sauce, and is all placed on bread; it is also accompanied by french fries, or whatever side you would like. It comes in a large serving and is very fair for its price. The wait time for the food was also not that long, considering it was prominently full at the time I was dining there.

The services at Reo Diner are also another great aspect of the establishment. They have parking for their customers and a ramp that is wheelchair accessible at their main entrance. Their wait staff is made up of employees that work efficiently and make sure to make the customer’s experience as enjoyable as possible. To add on to their service, they also offer takeout through the app DoorDash.

The inside of Reo Diner is another feature it offers. They have seating accommodations for wheelchairs and have both booth and regular tables.

The Reo Diner is undoubtedly one of the best highlights in Woodbridge Township, from its service to its food. Hopefully, my experience can be alike to yours and many others for another 350 years to come.