Congratulations on Your Retirement, Ms. Amory.

Diego Rolon, Reporter

Ms. Amory, the esteemed music/choir teacher at Woodbridge High School will be retiring at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Just recently Ms. Amory had her last Choir Concert on May 29, 2019. As it is her last month at WHS, the Barron Perspective was granted the privilege to speak with Ms. Amory before her retirement.

Barron Perspective: How long have you been working here at WHS?

Ms. Amory: I have been teaching at WHS for 33 years. I student-taught here in 1985 and then did a half year of teaching at Rahway Middle School until the opened up fall 1986.

BP: What was your first year working at WHS like?

MA: It was intimidating. It was a huge, successful program and I was teaching with a woman named Christine Urban. I taught five periods of Mixed Chorus and one period of Music Theory.

BP: How are you going to spend your last month here and how has it been so far?

MA: My last month here begins with the Spring Concert. After that, singing finals with my students and then packing up. Retiring is bittersweet. After 33 years I have given everything I have to WHS Choir students. I have loved them and the music.

BP: Where do you see yourself after retirement?

MA: I have some big changes in the works. I got engaged in February of this year and I am moving right after graduation. For the first year, I just want to do things that I don’t have time to do now like gardening and painting (I have a half finished landscape I started painting a year ago that I want to finish).

BP: How would you describe your time at WHS?

MA: My time at WHS has been amazing. It was my dream job! It has been satisfying from a musical standpoint. It has been gratifying on a personal level because I have gotten to know so many students and their parents while working in the classroom and on choir projects like the haunted house.

BP: Do you feel that you have made an impact on these student’s lives throughout the years?

MA: Many former students have reached out this year knowing it was my last year at WHS. Many have expressed their love for music and how their time in choir here was the best part of their time in high school. A few have told me that choir saved them and was an escape from the pressures at home and life in general. Some of these stories have brought tears to my eyes.

BP: What is it that you will miss the most at WHS and being an arts/music teacher?

MA: The thing I will miss most is, of course, my students. Making music with them and watching them grow up has been the best part of my job.

BP: How was your final concert?

MA: My final concert was pure joy. The choirs sang beautifully. I got to see so many alumni who came back to share the night with me. Mr. Lottmann and the Mayor took part and that meant so much. It was the perfect night.

BP: Do you know who will be replacing you for the next school year? How do you feel about them?

MA: My replacement is Mrs. Lisa Romero. She is a former student and an extraordinary musician. I so look forward to hearing the choirs under her direction. I know she will care for and the program will grow with her passion and talent.

As the school year begins to wrap up, the Barron Perspective would like to wish good health and happy days for Ms. Amory’s retirement. Thank you to Ms. Amory for all your years here at WHS showing so many students the beauty in the arts/music.