Behind the Scene of the 2019 Powder Puff Game.



Senior girls first time practicing for the Powder Puff game.

Alisen Luis , Reporter

The Powder Puff Game was held on Thursday, November 14 at 6:30 and it was held at Woodbridge High Football stadium. The senior class won with 35-28 points. 

Lady’s Barron’s were preparing for the upcoming Powder Puff Game. “Powder Puff football is a flag football game played by young women. This year it will be played between Woodbridge High School seniors and juniors,” Mr. Switek explain.

Powder Puff is a game that has been played for many decades in different ways but the most common way to play is when senior girls play against junior girl students. For the past five years, WHS girls have been playing against Colonia High School. This year, the students will be versing each other. 

Mr. Switek has been the Senior Class Advisor for the last 11 years in his 20 years teaching in WHS and is also involved in organizing the game. 

In order for the seniors and juniors to participate in the game, the students had to be well- behaved and doing well grade-wise. The administers review the list of the players and coaches to make sure the students are in a good-standing. The players then sold the tickets for the game, and once their tickets were sold, the players will then receive their shirts for the game. 

This year, the head coach for the senior team was Jesus Cabrera. Anothony Santino and Ali Lee Jr. coached the junior class team. The coaches would figure out which position the students would play throughout the game. The coaches would also pick four coaching staff per grade to help them during practice and develop a game plan. 

Last year, Cabrera wanted to be a coach but couldn’t because “[he] wasn’t a senior but got the chance to be a cheerleader instead for the game.” This isn’t Cabrera’s first time coaching, Cabrera has coaching experience for elementary teams and sometimes will go back and visit. Cabrera said, “[I hoped] that all the players had fun, it’s not all about them winning, winning is the point but as long as they had a good time.” 

Two senior players, Yolanda Ines and Lani Soto, participated since it will be there last year. Soto said, “ I was looking forward to seeing how well I will do under pressure since we only had a certain amount of practice before the game.”

Ines said “I was looking forward of having fun with my classmates especially since we won.” 

The Powder Puff Game this year had a good amount of students that participated with an “animated spirit”, it was an “excellent” Powder Puff game.