Students Return From Trip To Canada


Ms. Zeitz

Students in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

French students have returned from their fall break trip to Quebec from November 5th to 8th. This year, 20 students attended the trip with French teachers Mme. Zeitz and Mme. Williams.

Planning a trip to another country is not an easy feat to accomplish. Mme. Williams and Mme. Zeitz began planning around a year in advance, so students have more time to sign up. Every two years, there is a trip to Canada at Woodbridge High School. 

Mme. Williams said, “We love the French language, the Quebec culture, the history, and the food!” Ms. Williams hopes to see more students going on the trip in 2021. 

To earn money to pay for the trip, the students had four fundraisers, they sold bags and accessories and coffee, they had a Gertrude Hawk fundraiser, and a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. All were successful and helped pay for the trip quite a lot. 

Isha Nayee is a senior at Woodbridge High School, who’s been to Canada before, but never to Quebec and Montreal. “It was truly amazing and memorable experience that I will take with me when I graduate.” said Nayee. 

Falon Mccauley is a junior at Woodbridge High School, and this trip was Falon’s first time visiting Canada.  Quebec city was Falon’s favorite place to visit between Quebec and Montreal. “There were a lot of sights to see, like old architecture and statues.” said Mccauley. 

This French trip to Canada was a great opportunity for students to experience new french culture, while visiting a new country, not too far from home.