Interact Club Hosts Its Annual Thanksgiving Donation


Interact Club poses with over two dozen donation packages. The club worked tirelessly for weeks to collect items to create the Thanksgiving baskets.

Alisen Luis , Reporter

The Interact Club at Woodbridge High School began a Thanksgiving food drive that will help the people around the Woodbridge community. 

The Interact Club is a group of students that get together to help the Woodbridge Community. The club runs donation drives they give to different foundations. In the past, the club has also helped the Woodbridge Animal Shelter, they have feed the community, has had toy drives, and have also worked with the Saint James Church and Relay for Life. 

This season, they did the Thanksgiving Basket. The club collected stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables, soups, boxed cakes, pasta, pause sauces, and rice. 

Mrs. Montes is the advisor of the Interact Club for 3 years along with Mr. Semmens. The food drive in WHS has been going on in Woodbridge High School for the past ten years. 

Ms. Montes claims that the The Interact Club doesn’t have a president for the club because “We expect all the students to take leadership positions” 

The Thanksgiving giving baskets go to the Barron’s family first then it will be given to Saint James Church.

Senior Rosario Gonzales has been participating in food drives for the last 2 years. “I just like to help, it’s fun to do and it feels good knowing you are giving food to someone or a family.” 

Senior Aliyana Thomas participated in the food drive for the first time and thought it would be a good learning experience of helping others. Thomas said “I thought it went really well, everyone contributed very nicely.” 

The goal for this year was to be able to reach out to families that are going through high and lows and in need of help and hoping that the Thanksgiving Basket donation could help them prepare a Thanksgiving meal.