Woodbridge High School Holds A Thanksgiving Feast


Glenn Lottmann

The students enjoy their feast at WHS. The staff and students worked together to prepare the food.

Simranpreet Kaur, Reporter

This year Woodbridge High School held their annual Thanksgiving feast in the cafeteria for the special education students. The feast took place again this year on November 27 after school and as always students were very excited to attend. Every year the students participate in the event and have a lot of fun.

For the Thanksgiving feast the food prepared was turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, corn bread, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pies. The food was prepared mostly by the adults in charge of the event, and parents. 

The students were delighted with the event and were excited to be a part of it. Mrs. Daly is a CMI program teacher who thought they were thrilled to spend time with their friends and the staff. “One of the students biggest joy is the comfort they find in others by seeking the companionship through their friendships and family, so having the feast brings students together as one,” Daly said.

There were also activities available for the students to enjoy. They were able to make place mats and were able to do art.  Mrs. Ogonowski, a paraprofessional at WHS, finds that hosting the event for the students allowed them to learn many useful skills. “We like for our kids to learn different skills so we work on cooking skills, we work on eating out with your friends, and proper behavior in public and just in general life skills,” Ogonowski said.

The event was prepared for the students to learn more about Thanksgiving, and to better prepare students for the future. Mr. McCabe is a teacher at Woodbridge High School who believes that the reason the Thanksgiving Feast event took place was so that students can learn their heritage. “The reason was to celebrate America, teach the kids about the pilgrims, how they settled here and the food that they were able to cook,” McCabe said. 

The students were glad to participate in the feast and they look forward to next years Thanksgiving Feast.