Women’s Empowerment Holds Spring Bake Sale


Women’s Empowerment is ready for the big fundraiser. The club raised $40 dollars.

Rohan Desai, Reporter

After having insufficient funds, the Women’s Empowerment club decides to get in the kitchen again to host a spring bake sale. All the members are highly qualified to bake, of course, and are ready to raise money.

Senora Ramos has decided to get all the members of the club together to make baked goods and really get closer as a group. “We decided to do what we were best at since we women are meant to cook and be in the kitchen,” she said.

Rumors have it that when people found out about the bake sale they didn’t care about it because the feminists in the group have been known to put their mood swings on everyone.  When the group heard about this matter they were angered but didn’t do anything about it, just as they have done nothing all year.

Other fundraising ideas for the group include babysitting the middle school students, making sandwiches for school sporting events to sell to the players and fans, and helping the lunch ladies with dishwashing and cooking for the students. These are efficient and easy ways to fundraise for the Women’s Empowerment Club, especially since these jobs make up the full purpose of being a female.

Senora Ramos and her group are “ready to bake,” and have been staying after school to learn new recipes, as their big day approaches.

“Although anyone can join the club, we advise that no males come out to support because although it is appreciated, they have much better things to do than cook and clean.”

The bake sale will take place on April 6th after school at 2:45 p.m. in the gym foyer. All the items that were baked will be sold for $2 each and water bottles will be sold for one dollar.