Mr. Clarke Co-Headlines 2020 Coachella Festival


This is Clarksy’s first headline performance. Coachella 2020 has announced a lineup filled with music from different backgrounds.

Xavier Pazmino, Reporter

Something that came to light recently was the identity of Woodbridge High School’s Phys. Ed, Health teacher, and soccer coach, Anthony Clarke. To many people’s surprise, Mr. Clarke is a part of this new fad. 

His stage name, Clarksy, has emerged recently in the 2020 Coachella lineup. He will be headlining this year along with California R&B singer Frank Ocean and Houston rapper Travis Scott. After some research, it was discovered that Clarksy the Machine was a middle-aged man living in Woodbridge, New Jersey. This is interesting news for UK rap music as they now have someone representing them at one of the world’s biggest music festivals.

Clarksy the Machine was born and raised in ___, England where his love for music began. With an evident rock influence, Clarksy has shown love to a genre he grew up listening to. His music’s influence has grown in the past couple of years and has recently made its course to the United States, especially the New York/New Jersey area.  

With millions of views on YouTube, top-charting songs, and sold-out shows, many are questioning how we did not know of Mr. Clarke’s second life. It was discovered that he had a music video on YouTube with over 100m views, Clarksy the Machine began to make music in 2014 but only emerged to the music scene in the United States this past year. 

With a Coachella performance this month, more fans to come, and a huge overseas fan base, it is safe to say that Clarksy will have to leave his teaching job soon. However, with a wife and two kids, it will be tough to see if his fame will overtake his simple lifestyle in Woodbridge and be able to transition into a world filled with tours, money, and awards.