The Drowsy Chaperone Prepares To Take Us Back In Time


Simranpreet Kaur

The Spring Musical cast is rehearsing diligently for the next scene. They have been working hard to make sure that they give out the best performance.

Simranpreet Kaur, Reporter

The new musical for this year at Woodbridge High School, co-directed by Mr. Terrell and Mr. Lynch, “The Drowsy Chaperone” is in the works. The whole cast has been working “hard” for the play. The Spring Musical will take place on March 19, March 20th, and  March 21st at 7pm and on Sunday March 22nd at 2pm.

“The Drowsy Chaperone” is about a lonely theater buff who continuously listens to a Broadway record.  The record then comes to life in his imagination and on stage through the music.  “It’s based on the old golden era Broadway musicals like ‘Anything Goes’,” Mr. Terrel said. The musical also gives a mixture of the old fashion theme with modern humor. 

The musical this year will have the costumes made by a professional costume company. The company has designed costumes for Broadway, NY City Opera, and other tv/films in the past. The costumes are expected to be “fantastic” and “eye-popping.”

The lead roles for the musical are: Lenny Sharpay (Narrator), Alyssa Molnar (Janet), Dan Nebus (Robert), Lauren Padden (Chaperone), Daniel Tajes (Adolfo), Joe Golden (organizer), Julia Bialy (Heiress), Kevin Catalon ( Butler), Mike Trujillo (Broadway Producer), Rosie Pilla (Chorus Girl), Hailey Resta (Famous Pilot), Gabi Gangemi and Chris Torres (Gangsters) . The musical this year also includes many more actors in the ensemble. 

The cast for the Drowsy Chaperone has been working and practicing nonstop to give us their best performance. They have rehearsals often after school and sometimes over the weekend. They have already learned some dance steps and some of the opening song.

Gabriella Gangemi has been apart of the musical for the last two years and for the first time this year she will be playing a lead role. She hopes for the best this year and expects it to be another hit musical. “My expectations for this years musical is to be one of the best from Woodbridge High School,” Gangemi said. 

The purpose of this musical is have fun whether you are participating in it or watching it. “The only message is that we need comedy and music as we face challenges in life,” Mr. Lynch said. 

The musical is all about “having fun” and to put a “little bit of entertainment in the busy lives of everyone.”