Woodbridge Middle Steals More Than Classrooms


Tricycles and toddler cars fill the parking lot. Pokemon cards and hot wheel cars were found scattered throughout their spaces.

Meaghan Motz, Editor

​Entering the 2019-2020 school year, the 8th grade class of Woodbridge Middle School began residing at Woodbridge High School due to lazy construction workers that do not complete their jobs efficiently.

​The transition was nothing but smooth, except for one minor issue. The 12 year-olds kept parking their bikes in the parking spots designated for seniors and teachers.

​Mr. Switek, who runs the senior class and is in charge of assigning parking spots, said, “They took my classroom, so I do not care much for them. I will begin to pop their tires and spray paint their bikes starting next week.”

The 8th graders had trouble finding a place to put their bikes, especially because the bike rack outside was deemed the new Pokemon card trading and battle spot for all the kids that skip class because they miss recess time. Then one 8th grader, who wants to stay anonymous for his own health, thought it was a great idea to park their bikes in parking spots.

​“My mommy had a talk with me about how important it is to stay in class and surround myself with good influences, so I want to stay as far away from my peers as possible. That’s why I wanted to park in the lot,” said a poor 8th grader who put his kickstand down in the parking lot once. “The senior whose spot I took wasn’t very happy, though, so I started walking to school.”

​The principals were aware of the situation and tried to figure out a way to punish those who parked in the spots. Some of the ideas included giving all the kids in-school suspension, taking away the privilege to attend the 8th grade field trip, or taking away their Pokemon cards.

Mr.Switek said, “For my own form of punishment, if I catch any middle school student parking in the lot, they will not be able to receive a parking pass when they become seniors in about six years. I have no problem holding a grudge.”

​With the middle school finally being gone tensions have settled throughout WHS, and there is more than enough available parking for the students and faculty.