Forensic Students Search For An Escape


Diego Rolon

The Forensics course students went on a field trip to All In Adventures Escape Room. Mr. Semmens said that the Spring courses will also be able to go on this trip.

Diego Rolon, Editor

Many classes in Woodbridge High School’s first semester have been going on field trips. Recently, on January 8, Mr. Semmen’s Forensics classes went on a trip to an Escape Room. They went to All in Adventures Escape Rooms in Woodbridge Center Mall.

Mr. Semmens, who teaches Forensics and Environmental Science, planned this trip “to get the students to use their problem solving abilities outside of the classroom.”

He said that the trip is “similar” to an activity done in the classroom. It shows how a crime scene is “very much” like a puzzle. “They need[ed] to put together [the pieces] in order to see the full picture.”

Kelly Lynch, a junior, found the trip to be “really interesting” and that it kept her attention since it is something she “actually enjoys.” “The escape room was really fun and cool, [my group] got out with 50 seconds left in the hardest room…it was extremely hard and we were very close to not making out at all.” 

“[It] was probably one of the best class trips I’ve ever been on…it makes a lot more fun to learn,” mentioned Kelly.

She said that it relates to Forensics because of the thinking and problem solving skills used to get out of the room, “kind of what the investigators have to do [during a crime scene].”

Amy Kapel, another junior who went on the trip, also said the trip was “super fun and interesting.” She said that it was “pretty difficult” 

“If the trip relates to the course like this one did, then…more classes should take trips like this. It would benefit the students by giving them more of an experience with what they are learning about,” Amy added.

Mr. Semmens said that the students “enjoy” anything that isn’t book work or listening to a lecture. As well as that this trip is conducted each semester, meaning that the Spring semester will also go in March.