Senora Ramos Reveals Aging Secrets

Diego Rolon, Editor

As Senora Ramos gets ready for her retirement, a theory has arisen about how youthful she looks ever since she started working at Woodbridge High School. Many of the staff have speculated that Mrs. King may have something to do with us.

Senora Ramos said some things about her time since she started teaching here at WHS. “I remember my first day here like it was yesterday.”

She also showed pictures of her throughout the years at WHS, and it was as if the pictures were repeating themselves. Her facial features did not change or age at all, especially compared to her colleagues. 

She mentioned Mrs. King multiple times, saying she was a “magical help” to her in the years she was at WHS. “She helped me in so many ways, and one being in my youth…you know with teas and herbs and stuff she uses.”

When asking Mrs. King about this “tea” she became quiet and would not comment on it. That was until she was gifted with a record of the album “Please Please Me” by The Beatles. 

“Well, what I do is very secret, sweetheart. I use ingredients you can’t find anywhere, not even Whole Foods. I make this tea for only sweet and pure souls…the tea takes time to boil but will last a lifetime, if you get what I mean.” She then went on about this recipe to a tea that she gave to Senora Ramos, many years ago when she began teaching at WHS. Which correlates with the pictures of Senora and how she has not changed at all. 

The many theories have lead to Mrs. King and her.