Peace Week Spreads Awareness Throughout Woodbridge High School


Peace Week activities taking place during lunch.

Kanwal Chohan , Editor

Peace week begins on January 13th to 17th at Woodbridge High School. There will be several events throughout the week, that the Social Justice club, Ecology Club, International Culture Club. This is the seventh year, Peace week will be celebrated in Woodbridge High School. 


Ms. Zadigian is an art teacher at Woodbridge High School and she is Social Justice Club advisor. She and other club advisors help in making Peace Week a memorable event for Woodbridge High School. 

The purpose of celebrating Peace Week at Woodbridge High School is for students and staff to be able to understand and welcome different cultures of one another.


 “We celebrate Peace Week to bring approximately 1500 students and 200 staff members together to celebrate the common goal of accepting various backgrounds through peaceful activities.” said Zadigian. 


Each day of peace week will be started by a cultural fact and peace inspired music played during the announcements. Ms. Vuksanovich will be teaching yoga during lunch, and Ms. Zadigian will teach a Mindfulness class during another lunch. Interactive activities will also be taking place near the cafeterias. 


Peace week shirts were sold and all proceeds went to Woodbridge High School into making it a more peaceful place.   

Mr. Semmens is one of the advisers for Ecology Club, alongside Mr. Piccanio. Ecology club also participates in Peace Week. Mr. Semmens has helped organize Peace Week this year as well. 


Semmens explained why Peace Week is celebrated, “Education goals include increased global awareness of war and peace; civil responsibility; facilitating social change through peaceful action; celebration of culture and unity.” 

Tassiana Skeete is a junior at Woodbridge High School, she has been participating in Peace Week for two years


 “I enjoy the little games they offer at lunch throughout the week and the activities. I also loved planning out peace week with Social justice and international Culture Club,” said Skeete. 


This year Peace Week has been yet another memorable week for the students and staff of Woodbridge High School.