Ms. Wauters’ Literature & Film Course Available to Juniors, Seniors

Kanwal Chohan, Senior Editor

As the deadline for student scheduling requests draws near, The Barron Perspective spoke to Ms. Wauters, an English teacher with a unique elective which allows students to explore and analyze both literature and film. The course, Literature and Film, is a available to juniors and seniors.

Barron Perspective: How long has Literature and Film been offered at the high school?
Ms. Wauters: This is the 8th year the course is being offered at WHS. It is open to juniors and seniors only.

BP:  What is the purpose of the class?
MW: We analyze different types of literature and films thematically.  (Unit 1 – Fate and Free Will; Unit 2 – War; Unit 3 – Film Noir; Unit 4 – Character Driven Works)

BP: What will students learn in Literature and Film?
MW: Students will learn about the history of film, the technical aspects of film making, and all the roles involved in film making.  We draw from the prior literature experience of students to analyze short stories and novels.

BP: Why should a student take this class?
MW:  If you are a fan of reading, watching films, and having fun, this class is for you!  Some students are looking for an interesting elective, while others are thinking about a career in film.  This course exposes students to many types of films they might not otherwise watch.  For some students, this is the first time they view a black and white film!

BP:  How can students access more information about this class?
MW:  I have posted a Screencastify slide presentation on my Google Site. Students can also email me directly with any questions at [email protected]

BP: Would you like to add anything else?
MW: Yes – thank you for this opportunity to showcase one of my favorite classes I have ever taught!  Encourage your friends to take Literature and Film.