WHS Teachers Look for New Ways to Pitch Electives

Acelyn Goris, Reporter

At Woodbridge High School, students are provided with a long list of electives to create a schedule that suits their interests. Some teachers even take the time to reach out to students and introduce their classes. Unfortunately, some teachers are having a hard time reaching out to students. 

Ms. Kreisel, has been teaching two Syracuse University Project Advance, or SUPA, classes for five years at Woodbridge High School. Under normal circumstances she would “visit English classes and talk about the course with students who might be interested, but this year, because of COVID-19, I will be sharing a Google Slide deck with information.

“I will ask my colleagues in the English Department to share the presentation with their students,” Ms. Kreisel said. “I will also post information on my Google Site, and I have shared information with our guidance counselors so they can assist students when choosing classes for their senior year. Many students also hear about the benefits of taking the class from the students who have taken the course before.”

Mr. Terrell, Woodbridge High School’s theater arts teacher, has been a teaching at Woodbridge High School for seventeen years.

To recruit students, Mr. Terrell has been spreading the word to counselors and often posts signs in the hallways. With the current changes he has become more active through social media.

Another teacher, Ms. Wauters, teaches SUPA Presentational Speaking as well as Literature and Film at Woodbridge High School. Like Ms. Kreisel, she has still found ways to communicate with students about her courses via Google Slides presentations.

Ms. Wauters also gathered information from all English electives teachers and compiled it into one Google Slides presentation for students to conveniently view.

As the deadline for scheduling requests draws to a close, teachers at Woodbridge High School have certainly found their own creative ways of reaching out to students whether it be via zoom, presentations, or social media.

Students have many course options to choose from at Woodbridge High School, which can be daunting. Students are reminded to reach out to teachers or guidance counselors with questions.

Scheduling requests through the parent Genesis portal closes on January 25th.