Ms. Gulics Offers Facing History and Ourselves Elective

Jason Ligouri, Reporter

Ms. Gulics has been teaching at Woodbridge High School for eight years. Her current teaching assignment includes World History, U.S. History and two electives: Facing History and Ourselves and a new class, African American Studies.

Facing History and Ourselves is a popular R track elective amongst students. Typically, between 75 to 80 students across three sections take the course each semester.

The class covers many topics such as human behavior, genocide, racism, religious intolerance, and upstander behavior through the lens of the Holocaust. 

Barron Perspective: What is your main focus in Facing history and Ourselves?
Ms. Gulics: To become better stewards of humanity and live life with tolerance and compassion for others, no matter what difference you share.

BP: Why do you think students should take Facing History and Ourselves?
MG: I think the class is so helpful shaping how we see the world. It teaches students to see and experience people and their differences in a new way and it teaches people how to have those uncomfortable conversations in a thought provoking and positive way. 

BP: What is one topic you look forward to teaching in Facing History and Ourselves?
MG: My absolute favorite topic is when we cover the subject of identity and how we see ourselves and others. 

BP: How are you going to find students that you can pitch Facing History and Ourselves?
MG: I am fortunate to have inherited a very popular course from Mr. Perry who taught it before me. I have never really had to pitch the class to anyone. We usually have a close registration because all the classes fill so quickly. 

Facing History and Ourselves could give students who love history a new perspective about many cultures that they didn’t know about. Students could also learn about the world in a new outlook and how to bring a positive influence into the world. 

Students with any questions should email Ms. Gulics at [email protected]