Ms. Gulics Offers African American Studies Elective

Jason Ligouri, Reporter

As students approach the deadline for submitting schedule requests for the 2021 – 2022 school year, The Barron Perspective has spoken with electives teachers to offer a snapshot of available courses across all disciplines, what topics they cover, and why students may be interested.

One such course is African American Studies, a new R track History course taught by Ms. Gulics.

African American Studies focuses on the contributions, culture, and influences of Africans and African Americans in shaping the United States and the world. This class will also give students a chance to learn African American culture.  

Barron Perspective: What is your main focus in African American Studies?
Ms. Gulics: African Americans have a very rich history. A history that is significant, complex, and incredibly valuable and important to truly understand the development of the United States. This course gives that history a voice to be told through the perspective of Africans and African Americans. 

BP: Why do you think students should take African American Studies?
MG: I think providing this class was long overdue and all students should take it to see African Americans through a new lens, one which promotes and celebrates the longstanding and significant contributions and achievements of both Africans and African Americans in all facets of life. 

BP: What is the one topic you look forward to teaching about in African American Studies?
MG: While this will be my first time teaching this course and I am excited about teaching everything, I look forward to presenting students with a nuanced understanding of African Americans’ historical, political, and cultural impact, in addition to the unique challenges still faced today. 

BP: How are you going to find students that you can pitch African American studies to?
MG: Being that we are virtual, we are relying heavily on guidance to help us promote our courses. In the future, I plan to visit other underclassmen rooms and explain what can be expected from the course and what will be learned.  

African American studies can be a class that can help students try to change society in the future for the better. That’s why this class should be a class that many students should take.

Students with questions about the course should email Ms. Gulics at [email protected]