Mr. Nowicki Offers Advertising and Promotion

Lauren Carter, Reporter

Woodbridge High School has a plethora of electives to offer to its students for the 2021 – 2022 school year. Of those electives is Advertising and Promotion, an R-track level elective course taught by Mr. Nowicki. 

Mr. Nowicki has been teaching at Woodbridge High School for six years. He pitched the idea for the Advertising & Promotion elective, which was picked up by the school district,  after realizing that “there’s a growing demand in the workforce for marketing.”

Barron Perspective: Are there any prerequisites required to take Advertising and Promotion?
Mr. Nowicki: Yes. Principles of Marketing or Entrepreneurship/Sports Marketing

BP: What will students learn in this class?
MN: Students will learn how to create digital content for an organization or personal brand.

BP: How will your class differ this year from a normal school year?
MN: The students make a lot of their content by documenting school life and events. Since we are not able to have in person instruction and many events are limited to social distancing guidelines the students have their own content.

For any further questions or information about this class feel free to contact Mr. Nowicki by email  @[email protected]