Ms. Zadigian Informs Students on Art Electives

Diego Rolon, Senior Editor

With scheduling happening at Woodbridge High School, students are selecting elective courses for their 2021-2022 schedules. Ms. Zadigian is an art teacher who teaches electives students may enjoy.

Barron Perspective: What courses do you teach at WHS? Are they typically in the same semester?
Ms. Zadigian: I teach the semester-based art classes Introduction to Printmaking, Visual Art 3-D, Ceramics 1 and Ceramics 2.

BP: When are your courses offered?
MZ: My courses are offered depending on when the most number of students who requested the class can fit them into their schedules.

BP: What are the prerequisites?
MZ: The prerequisite for each class is Introduction to Visual Art, which is a first level art class. The prerequisites for Ceramics 2 are Introduction to Visual Art and Ceramics 1.

BP: What are some of the assignments like?
MZ: Introduction to Printmaking involves a mix of traditional and experimental printmaking techniques. Some techniques learned are screen printing, woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, etc. Ceramics 1 and 2 involve working with low fire clay and glazes that are fired in a kiln. In both classes, we create both functional and sculptural clay projects. Ceramics 1 involves hand-building, where we build with clay techniques by hand. Ceramics 2 is for advanced students who both hand-build and learn to create forms on the potter’s wheel. Visual Art 3-D is a sculpture class.

BP: What are some of the major assignments?
MZ: Visual Art 3-D: symmetrical Moroccan tiles, still life sculptures of food, recycled containers, cardboard masks, and product designs. Introduction to Printmaking:screen printing on paper and clothing, animal inspired woodcuts, linocuts, Illuminated Letter etchings, etc. Ceramics 1: still life sculptures of animals and food, sculptures that inspire awareness of social issues, etc. Ceramics 2: themed tryptic projects, wheel building
such as mugs and bowls, etc.

BP: What are some aspects about the course you wished to inform future students about?
MZ: Taking art classes inspires and trains students to apply creativity to all academic and cultural backgrounds.

BP: Why should students take this course?
MZ: Art classes allow a flexible space where students can have the freedom to move around the classroom and work creatively in group settings. This allows the right brain to exercise its ability to strengthen creativity and problem-solving.

BP: What are some things students could learn from this course?
MZ: Not only can students learn art techniques, they can also be challenged with time-management and life skills.

BP: Why is it that you enjoy teaching these courses?
MZ: I enjoy facilitating a space where students can combine freedom and structure at the same time.