Virtual Dodgeball Breaks Chromebook Screen

Davon Williams, Reporter

   On Monday morning, one teacher and a couple of students managed to break five chromebooks during their gym class.  when gym teacher Mr. Stewiski decided to try something different for his gym class. 

   According to students, gym teacher Mr. Stewiski decided it was a good idea to play virtual volleyball during their Zoom class. One student recalled his teacher saying,“You guys are in for a surprise next week.”

  Once everyone got settled in, he started discussing the rules and how each student will be given points with scoring.” One student said “I thought he was joking and was gonna announce later on in the class that it was all a big prank. 

   ”Unfortunately, it never happened. Mr. Stewiksi said find something in your house, circular shaped, like a dodgeball. 

   The students took thirty minutes to find something they could use and once they did, the games began. “All you heard was boom, crash, kumbaya” a student said. Jason Torres, a student from Mr. Stewiski’s class said he fell out of his chair thinking all the dodgeballs were coming for him. “It was a scary sight,” he said. Students were screaming, some students were laughing 

 Jordan Wheiler, a sophomore of Mr. Stewiksi’s, said it was “the most disturbing” scene he had ever seen in high school. Mr. Stewiski left  the call early.

 His mom said “what’s all the ruckus.”  With several Chromebooks left broken, the school will have to pay a total of one-thousand dollars in fees.  

Mr. Stewiski will not be facing any jail time but has been cut off from Woodbridge High School for good. He was suspended Wednesday morning. It doesn’t look like he will be coming back anytime soon. 

   The school will have to announce when they will be giving the students new chromebooks. 

The parents are in disbelief, they couldn’t believe their kids were foolish enough to go along with this activity. 

  Some students might be facing disciplinary action due to the damages. Students are arguing that they were just “ doing what the teacher told them to do.” The Principal will decide the consequences this afternoon.