Student Shows Face On Google Meet, Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter


A captured moment from the Google Meet where Nataly Rosa Guardiola showed herself on camera. Predicts six more weeks of winter.

Diego Rolon, Editor

Besides three weeks in October, the  2020-2021 school year has been spent online as teachers have made extensive use of Zoom and Google Meet. For the majority of Woodbridge High School’s students, the months have been ordinary and monotonous.

However, “something extraordinary” and “once in a lifetime,” according to Mr. Switek, happened during his class when a student named Nataly Rosa Guardiola, “shockingly” turned her camera on.

It was widely held by her teachers that Guardiola’s camera has been off all year. That is, until February 2.

“It was a moment to remember. Not many people get to witness such an event. Honestly, I don’t even remember what I was teaching. I just saw my screen light up in the corner and I saw two huge bewildered eyes. I had to talk quietly so I didn’t scare her away,” said Mr. Switek.

Unfortunately, Guardiola was immediately spooked when she noticed her shadow and immediately turned off her camera, much to the chagrin of her fellow classmates and Mr. Switek.

“It was an incredible moment, like seeing the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls,” one student recalled.

Since that fateful moment, meteorologists across the tristate agree that Nataly Rosa Guardiola’s brief appearance in her English class’ Zoom meeting means only one thing: another six long weeks of winter.