Physical Altercation Interrupts Google Meet


Kanwal Chohan, Senior Editor

A physical altercation broke out in Ms. Dercole’s AP Psychology Block 1 class when two students became heated over Sigmund Freud’s stages of development.

Louis Zenman, a sophomore, is “extremely fascinated” with Sigmund Freud’s theories of development. Zenman, the alleged perpetrator of the fight, claimed it was all a misunderstanding as the class discussed the general level of maturity throughout the student population.

“All I said was that Veronica has not passed through the oral stage of Freud’s psychosexual stages of development,” Zenman said, “because she always has her hands in her mouth. Then, she started throwing hands.”

Veronica Ramirez, the other student involved in the violent altercation, is a senior and the President of the Book Club. Ramirez claimed she “was shocked” at Louis Zenman’s use of her as an example to prove his point in class.

“I just have a general anxiety disorder,” she said. “Maybe if he paid more attention to the last section [of the notes] he would have known. He’s just so obsessed with Freud, it’s a little scary.”

When the fight broke turned violent, Ms. Dercole was “so surprised and confused” about how to handle the situation. “While I did appreciate that my students are truly paying attention in class, I was so surprised when they began punching their cameras. I just had to wait it out until they stopped.

“In retrospect, I could have muted them, or kicked them out of the meeting, but we didn’t get much training on defusing situations in an online setting,” Ms. Dercole said.

Either way, it didn’t take long for the situation to resolve itself as the students so badly broke their Chromebooks that they lost connection to the meeting. From there, Ms. Dercole was able to continue her lesson.

The students will have to pay a fine for their broken Chromebook screens and the Woodbridge High School administration is currently investigating this issue.