New Staff Alert: Ms. Barahona


Ryan Fijol

Ms. Barahona making Woodbridge High School the best it can be.

Michael Thomas, Editor

School life is slowly getting back to normal, with that, a number of things have made a return. In person classes, full school days, etc. But, throughout the adversity faced last school year, one thing remained and stands strong today, new teachers and staff. 

A new face you will be seeing this year is the face is the one of Ms. Barahona, the new guidance secretary. Below is an exclusive interview with her, covering such topics as her first few days at Woodbridge High School and what she enjoys outside of school hours.

Barron Perspective: Where are you from?
Ms. Barahona: I’m from Woodbridge, NJ.

BP: Where did you go to school?
MB: I went to Colonia High School.

BP: What is your official job title and what are your responsibilities in that role?
MB: I am the guidance secretary, I assist with answering the phones, signing out students and translation.

BP: How were your first few days of the school year at Woodbridge High School? What do you like about WHS?
MB: My first few days at WHS were exciting, learning something new in this field. The staff at WHS are very helpful and willing to help you understand.

BP: How do you plan on making this a good school year?
MB: I plan on continuing to stay positive and open to new opportunities at WHS.

BP: What are you looking forward to this school year?
MB: I’m looking forward to learning new things and gaining knowledge from others.

BP: What hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?
MB: I like to go to the beach and just be outdoors, going for walks.

BP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
MB: No.