What to Expect in an AP Class

Simal Noori, Reporter

When it comes to AP classes, the expectations are higher than any other class. AP stands for Advanced Placement course, which is a college-level course offered to high school students. Depending on the high school, there are various AP courses offered nationally. 

Woodbridge High School offers various AP courses to students. The classes are beneficial towards college credits and GPA, however, a class of such importance comes with great expectations from students. 

All students are expected to do their respective assignments and submit them before the strict deadline. They are expected to review class material at their own pace as well. Students must learn to manage their time and extracurricular activities, so they don’t fall behind.

 Ryan Kalin, a senior at WHS said that “AP classes did make a difference in [his] extracurricular activities schedule,” though he said he makes sure to manage his time so he stays on top of his classes. Kalin said that he makes sure to study for his AP classes and dedicate 1-2 hours on a weekend before an important test. 

The workload for AP classes is more than a regular R or S track course. Students are expected to cover most of the material on their own for homework. Class time is meant to be more of a discussion period, rather than a teacher instructing the class. 

Ms. Sienkiewicz, an AP history teacher at WHS said that “ workload in an AP class is very demanding.”

Ms. Kulminski, another AP history teacher at WHS said that students are not assigned homework the night before it’s due. They get a couple of days to work on it so “ they don’t have to cram before it’s due.”

Every student that makes the decision of taking the AP exam is expected to take an end-of-the-year test regarding whichever AP course was taken. A score of 3 or higher can be counted as college credits toward a college, students are prepared for this exam throughout the curriculum. 

Mr. Sienkwicz said that he prepares his students for the AP exam by giving them an AP formatted test. He uses traditional AP questions and times the students to better prepare them. 

Any student that takes an AP class is prepared to handle college-level work.