Will Snow Days Return?

Jacob Oatman, Reporter

During virtual learning, snow days were not a concern. However, now that Woodbridge High School has moved back to in-person instruction, students are questioning whether snow days are a thing of the past. 

According to state laws, only in-person instruction can count as a full year of school. The only exception is if the state of New Jersey is closed three or more days due to a declared state of emergency, a declared public health emergency, or a closure of the schools suggested by the appropriate health agency or a public health-related closure. This is the reason snow days were not used last year.

A few Woodbridge High School students had something to say on the matter. Tyler Weber, a sophomore, said that he “loves snow days because it gives him a chance to sleep in”. He wants snow days to stay because it “gives people breaks”.

 Kylie Rackett, a freshman, said she wants snow days to stay because “it gives people a day off and everyone enjoys them”. 

Micheal Travistino, a sophomore, said he also wants snow days to stay because it gives him “a day off and lets [him] hang out with friends in the snow”. 

Some districts want to keep snow days. For example, Freehold Regional Superintendent said that he “[wants] to keep snow days during inclement weather events and [plans] to cancel school during those days”. 

However not all are in favor of the new snow day plan.  The New Jersey Association of School Administrators, for instance, has been pushing to end snow days even before the pandemic started. They want school districts to have the option of snow days or virtual school so districts don’t lose days of learning due to inclement weather.