Increasingly Crowded Halls in WHS

John Brenner, Reporter

The crowded halls in Woodbridge High School is one of the first things you’ll notice when walking in the building due to the increase of students. Everyday you can come in and find yourself stuck behind hundreds of kids trying to get to their classes.

 Micheal Travostino, a sophomore at WHS said that the main problem with students is that they walk in the middle of the hallways, instead of walking on each side.   

 Travostino says that “the crowded halls have almost made him late to class a couple of times after getting stuck behind a crowd of people.”

“I have the most problem when going up or down stairs because the stairs are the most crowded because everyone is trying to go the same way and the amount of people add up quickly with the small area to squeeze through” said Travostino.  

Matt Stanton, a senior at WHS said that,“the halls are crowded because of the amount of kids that have to go to the same hall to go into their classes, and most people use the same stairway to get to their classes between blocks.” He says it doesn’t affect him and doesn’t bother him except after school on the first floor when he’s just trying to leave to go to practice. 

Mr. Kane, a Guidance counselor at WHS  says we’ve had an increase of 115 new students this year, but also a number of other students who transferred out this Summer. Mr. Kane says that the students are from all grade levels but most are freshmen and juniors. With approximately 75 students enrolling since September 1st. 

The number of students from last year to this year hasn’t changed that drastically. Yet the halls still feel crowded and slow. Before the Covid year, in 2019-2020 the school had a population of 1458 students and now has a population of 1577 students. 

With the increase in students it is best that you take your time moving from place to place and stay safe and courteous in the hallway and staircase.