Taking Care of Mental Health


Lauren Carter

Students can talk to their guidance counselor for help.

Riley Ivanitski, Reporter

Returning to school after roughly 18 months can certainly be an obstacle. If the return is something you are socially and mentally struggling with, there are many resources, even just at school, that can help you feel better.

One of the guidance counselors at school, Ms. Rich said, “We provide counseling services and let students know that guidance is a safe space where they can come to talk about their problems. We talk with teachers, as well as parents, to ensure students are getting whatever help they need.” 

Students and teachers alike are having difficult times adjusting to in-person school. After talking to classmates over zoom for a year and a half, it is completely justified to have a social restart when returning to school. An anonymous student shared that their return to school “jump started” their social anxiety. Returning made them realize just how much their social skills were lacking during quarantine.

Mr. Kane, another one of the school’s guidance counselors, encourages students to join clubs and activities if they’d like to socialize more. He said, “Communication with a trusted adult or friend are ways to cope with these types of anxieties.” 

Woodbridge High School has numerous clubs to join for extra social interaction, and if none of those clubs interest you, you can even create your own. Branching out in any creative form is an excellent way of improving your social needs. 

In regards to anxieties besides social, the school is filled with trusted adults that can try to help in any way they can. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone at school, help resources are always available. Ms. Joao, the school’s SAC, has a list of help resources on her website. 

Keeping journals or simply keeping your school work together in a planner can also be an easy way to relieve stress. This along with many other hobbies are an outlet many students confide in.

In conclusion, whether you are introverted or extroverted, there are so many solutions to tailor exactly how you may be struggling. Mental health is so important, and once you have a good mindset, everything feels easier.