Student Activities Back in Action


Ian Nowicki

Crowds are back in action at WHS.

Liam Kelly, Reporter

After an 18 month absence, students and staff, new and returning, are back from virtual learning at Woodbridge High School. Students can now look forward to a lot this year.

Sports are back in full force for a normal athletic year and the athletic director, Mr. Ward, is excited. Mr. Ward said, “Students should be excited to have sports back because there are so many benefits to playing sports. First, the socialization with friends through sports is great.  The next thing is the physical activity is great for the body and mind. Finally, it helps build school spirit for both the students who are competing and the entire school community.”

Health and safety is a concern, but it seems that fans and teams are taking precautions to keep everyone involved safe. “I don’t think Covid has impacted much this fall, other than Girls’ Volleyball and the masks,” Mr. Ward said.

Other than sports, events and club activities are also occurring around the school. Ms. Hain and Mr. Switek, the senior prom advisors, have the ability to have a prom for the senior class this year.

Mr. Switek said, “The phrase ‘they’ve missed out on so much,’ has been often repeated, but that does not make it any less true. These are students who did not have their Junior Cotillion, so Ms. Hain and I are thrilled to be able to plan a “traditional” prom.”

Mr. Switek is not only involved with senior prom planning, but is also the Give a Paw (GaP) club’s advisor. “There seems to be a marked increase in student interest this year,” Mr. Switek said about club involvement. As of now, there are 112 students participating in the club. 

Students who are looking towards college as a future can use this year to start planning.

Guidance counselors like Ms. Ferrara are able to help students with scheduling and planning for college if they choose to. Although post high school planning is going on as usual, it is not back to its usual form. Ms. Ferrara said, “I am looking forward to having our college representative visit again! This has not gone on due to covid for the past few years so it really is nice to see our reps again!”

Having a year back in the school offers a lot to the students and staff when it comes to teaching and extracurricular activities. Now students can meet up with guidance counselors and plan for the school years ahead. Students should use this opportunity to see what interests them around the school.