Woodbridge Board of Education Terminates Chartwells


Lauren Carter

Kaylyn Pringle (right) and Lizairis Jimenez (left) conversing over school lunch.

John Molina, Reporter

Chartwells, Woodbridge Township’s current school lunch provider, was given a 60-day termination notice on October 1st, 2021 from the Woodbridge Township School District administration. They were given this notice after students avidly complained about the quality of their school lunch. 

The first week of school, Chartwells served bags of food containing unappetizing meals like cold soggy turkey sandwiches and apples. Current Woodbridge student, Anderson Merino, was asked if he felt any way after eating the lunch being served, he replied, “Yes, I once ate pasta with tomato sauce and it made me feel uneasy throughout the day.” 

On October 19th, the Superintendent of Woodbridge Township School District, Dr. Massimino, sent a letter to the parents and guardians of Woodbridge students, updating the community on the progress administration had made regarding the selection of a food service vendor. In the letter, Dr. Massimino addressed how the district had been approved for a request for proposals.

 In the letter, he said, “I am pleased to announce that our RFP was approved on Friday, October 15, 2021, and it was made available to the public for prospective vendors.” Meaning, other food vendor companies like Chartwells will be able to submit requests to serve food for the students of Woodbridge Township. 

Currently, students from Woodbridge High School say the school lunch hasn’t really changed at all. When asked if he’s noticed any enhancement, Merino simply replied, “I have seen no improvement at all.” 

Another Woodbridge High School student, Jake Boles, said, “I have seen no improvement in lunch over the past month, the improvement I’m looking for is the food we used to have. Waiting until D lunch to be served unappetizing food is not a rewarding feeling.” Like many others, Boles is very unsatisfied with the current quality of the school lunch.

“The chosen vendor will then be put on an agenda that the Board of Education will vote on at an upcoming meeting. Once the date for the meeting has been decided, we will let our community know,” said Dr. Massimino in the letter. Certainly, many will be looking forward to having this meeting take effect.